Privacy Statement

(Last updated January 20, 2009)

We at Pikauba Software value your privacy.  To that end there are a few things about our business that you should know about.  In plain English:

  1. If you arrive at our site from an promotional link, we may place a persistent cookie on your machine.  The expiration of the cookie will typically be when the promotion is set to close.  This cookie allows us to ensure that you are charged the promotional price automatically. Except for this one situation, we make no use of persistent cookies.  It is also possible that you may receive a cookie from certain of our registration and product pages.  These cookies are known as session cookies and will automatically be erased when either of 20 minutes passes, or you close your browser window.  

  2. The only thing we know about your visit to us are the pages you've viewed.  We only know the IP address you used when you last visited us.  If you come back in and use the same IP address, we don't try to put the two together.  Why?  Simply due to the nature of most ISP's offering dynamic IP addresses, we'd only end up lumping you in with someone else, and that would be worthless, so we don't.

  3. If you order something, you will be placing your order with one of our payment processors, RegSoft ( a Digital River company ), optionally Share*IT (also a Digital River company) or Paypal (for certain transactions).  Not all products have a choice in payment processor.  If no choice in payment processor is given, and the payment processor is not listed, then the order will be placed through RegSoft.  Common questions about the RegSoft service can be answered at this link.  Common questions about the Share*IT service can be answered at this link. Questions about the Paypal service can be answered at this link.  We have no control over the operations of either payment processor, they only accept orders for us, and process your payment.

    Any order placed through RegSoft will appear on your credit card as coming from RegSoft.  Any order placed through Share*IT will appear on your credit card as coming from Element5.  Any order placed directly through Paypal will appear on your credit card as coming from either PIKAUBASOFT or PIKAUBA SOFTWARE (depending on credit card issuer).  If you have questions regarding a charge to your credit card, please contact them first, but we will always be happy to assist if you are experiencing any difficulties.

  4. Orders are always placed via Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) transmissions on the site of the chosen payment processor.  To determine if SSL is working on your order, you should see a closed lock graphic at the bottom of your browser.

  5. When you place an order with us (regardless of payment processor), we will not know the credit card number, expiry date, or the name on the card used.  We do know how you paid (e.g. credit card or bank draft), but that is it.

  6. When you place an order with us, we do receive the shipping address and email address you enter on the web site of the payment processor.  We do not sell, trade, barter or transmit this information to anyone.  We only make use of the information to ensure that you, our client, is kept apprised of breaking news in the Pikauba Software product lines, and kept apprised of relevant updates to the software you purchased.  At present this is a manual process, so if you don't want your name used (however infrequently), send an email to and we'll take care of it.

  7. Beginning in July of 2001, software releases may include a survey form that appears after 30 days of evaluation time have elapsed.  Filling out this form is strictly optional.  If you do elect to fill out the form, and have a connection to the internet, the information requested in the form will be sent to us.  We only use this information to do the following:

    1. Determine if our software is filling a need.  We see that it is popular to download, but is it being used?

    2. Determine the reasons for users downloading our software.  We know part of it is curiosity, but are there features that people are hoping to find but are lacking?

    3. Determine why the software continues to be used, but is not registered yet.  Frankly, this is a curiosity issue.  We're not going try and force anyone to register, that's not our style.  Rather, we wish to see if there is a common thread (i.e. it's too slow, too hard to use, too costly, etc).  We're in it for the long haul, so any information we get that helps make our products more useful helps.

    4. If you provide your email address (a strictly voluntary action), we may use it to contact you.  Perhaps to alert you to a feature you wanted that is now present, or to offer you special pricing, or to see if you might wish to participate in a BETA program at some point.

  8. During pre-release testing, Pikauba Software may open some of its software for beta testing.  During this process, if you choose to participate, certain information may be gathered about your development environment.  This information is used solely in the administration of the beta program and in making product decisions about system configurations to support.

  9. If you choose to enter into a licensing agreement with Pikauba Software related to any source code access, development against XML schemas, or other licensing activities not directly related to purchase and regular use, as described in the end user licensing agreement, considerable personal information may be exchanged.  We do not sell, trade, barter or transmit this information to anyone.

  10. Beginning in January of 2006, software releases may include product activation technology.  During product activation, the name of the machine the software is running on is collected and sent to Pikauba Software along with the license key used.  This information does not contain any items which can be used to identify the end user of the machine running the software, nor any items other than the machine name the software is running on.  The user activating the software has the option of supplying an email address, and if they choose to do so, email communications are governed by our email policy.  The communication occurs over SSL (https), and is a one time action.  Once the software has been activated, no further communication will occur between the software and Pikauba Software.

  11. Beginning in January of 2009, software releases may require generation of a computer, and optionally user specific license file.  This technology is in lieu of product activation and serves the same purpose.  A given Pikauba Software product may use either product activation, or a license file.  In the event a license file is used, the software will make no connection to the internet for any activation.  

Updates on September 06, 2006

Added Share*IT as a payment processor, and updated privacy statement with contact information relating to Share*IT.

Updates on January 20, 2009

Dispute Resolution

Pikauba Software is committed to resolving any dispute you may have regarding our privacy policy quickly and efficiently.

Disputes will be handled through Pikauba Support at  Pikauba Software support will promptly correct any errors. 

Pikauba Software is P3PSeal certified. In the event that a dispute regarding our privacy practices cannot be settled through our normal dispute resolution processes, you should contact P3PSeal, an independent third party. P3PSeal will serve as a liaison with Pikauba Software to resolve any dispute you may have.

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