DBDocumentor - SQLDocumentation Development License

DBDocumentor has an XML output option known as SQLDocumentation .  A SQLDocumentation file has the ability to completely describe a database, or a subset of the database that a user has defined.  The structure of SQLDocumentation files are completely described an XML Schema Definition (XSD) included with DBDocumentor.  SQLDocumentation files are output by registered versions DBDocumentor only, and are not intended to be final output files.  This page details what a development license for SQLDocumentation is, and when you would generally want to acquire one.

Note: The SQLDocumentation XSD for version 4.10 has changed to incorporate the upgraded functionality.  DBDocumentor 4.10 will not output version 3.x compatible SQLDocumentation files.  If you have been using SQLDocumentation files, you can detect this change by looking at the GeneratorVersion attribute of the root element.

What is a development license?

A SQLDocumentation development license is essentially a service and support agreement between Pikauba Software and your organization.  It always includes advance notice of any changes to the schema, thereby ensuring that any dependencies you have on the schema are always respected.  In addition to this, the license provides a level of development support to ensure the success of your project.  Support levels are available for users wishing to integrate SQLDocumentation output into their products, and for those wishing to generate SQLDocumentation output.  The cost associated with the license will vary depending on your needs.  Under normal circumstances, development licenses are issued to organizations, regardless of the number of developers on the project.  To begin the process of obtaining a development license, please contact sales detailing at a high level your intentions.

How does a development license differ from simply using DBDocumentor?

If you are using DBDocumentor internally, or if you are using DBDocumentor to describe a database for a customer's project and the only DBDocumentor deliverable to the customer is the CHM file, then a simple product purchase of DBDocumentor is sufficient.  Your purchase of DBDocumentor always includes technical support related to DBDocumentor usage, to the number of individuals purchasing the product (i.e. purchase two copies -- two people can ask questions, purchase a domain (site) license and everyone can ask questions).  

XSD Usage

The SQLDocumentation schema is included with the DBDocumentor download, and available for download from the Pikauba Software website.  If you are working with SQLDocumentation for strictly internal purposes (i.e. performing transformations of the SQLDocumentation output into an alternate output) then no additional development license is required beyond the purchase of DBDocumentor.  In such situations, simply use the XSD included in the version of DBDocumentor you are currently using.  Should any changes be made to the SQLDocumentation schema, you will always have the option of not upgrading to that version of DBDocumentor.

If your intentions are not strictly internal (i.e. the SQLDocumentation XML, or transformations based on the XSD will be provided to a customer), then you should strongly consider obtaining a SQLDocumentation development license.  If your customer is a registered user of DBDocumentor, or has a SQLDocumentation development license, then there is no requirement for you to obtain a development license, otherwise you will need a development license.

If your intentions are to either consume SQLDocumentation files (e.g. integrate them into a larger product), or to generate SQLDocumentation files, then you will need a development license.

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