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DBDocumentor produces database documentation for the SQL objects in your database project.  The list of SQL objects documented varies with the SQL dialect chosen, and DBDocumentor currently supports; Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and below, Firebird 1.5 and 2.0, and Sybase SQL Anywhere 10 and below (SQL Anywhere was previously marketed as Adaptive Server Anywhere, or ASA) .  Generating reference documentation for a SQL database using DBDocumentor is as simple as selecting the SQL dialect, the object types to include and the source files to process.  Within a few minutes DBDocumentor generates a fully cross referenced view of the SQL database, including where data is sourced from and what objects are modifying data in what other objects.  The cross referencing extends to procedure and security usage, clearly showing which procedures are used where, and under what security context.  These capabilities make DBDocumentor ideal for those wishing to learn the structure of a given database, or simply to document the database for future reference.  

Extended capabilities of the rich feature set include declarative object grouping, support for DBMS metadata based descriptions like those provided in SQL Server Enterprise Manager or SQL Server Management Studio, SQL dialect specific syntax color coding, control over the documentation of temporary objects and dynamic SQL, ease of integration into automated build environments, and the generation of XML output.  All documentation is generated by reading the source SQL batch files and requires no active database connection, or any database connectivity tools.  The benefits of an offline SQL parser are many, and include the ability to document result set structure, return values and data access points.  

DBDocumentor produced documentation is perfect as printed database application documentation for:

DBDocumentor produced documentation can also be produced at the beginning of projects to help define the interface contract between the database layer and its consumers where data access occurs via stored procedures, user defined functions or data views.  Object oriented design techniques have existed for some time, and they all have a guiding principle of defining the interfaces to objects, and adhering to those interfaces, often called contracts.  Database procedures offer the capability to define SQL interfaces, but tools to actually document the interface are rare.  DBDocumentor is one such tool.

Version 4.50 Changes

DBDocumentor 4.50 contains new functionality and performance improvements.  In response to customer requests, two specific items were added.


Version 4.40 Changes

DBDocumentor 4.40 contains only new functionality.  In response to customer requests, three specific items were added.

Version 4.30 Changes

DBDocumentor™ version 4.30 sees several major changes.  The two most significant are changes in the supported operating systems, and major enhancements to a supported SQL parser. 

Parser Changes

Version 4.30 contains a significantly enhanced Sybase SQL Anywhere (ASA) parser.  Starting with version 10, Sybase has also changed its branding of Adaptive Server Anywhere to SQL Anywhere.  DBDocumentor™ supports many of the new SQL Anywhere 10 constructs including materialized views. The new keywords introduced with version 10 are also appropriately colorized. 

In addition to the support for version 10, numerous enhancements were made to the ASA parser. Some of the constructs now processed are:

Operating System Support

DBDocumentor™ 4.30 now has official support for Windows Vista™ in all editions, including 64 bit (x64). When DBDocumentor™ installs on any Windows Vista™ operating system, you will be prompted with a digital signature dialog to identify that the installer is from Pikauba Software and the installer is for DBDocumentor.  When you accept this dialog, you will then be prompted with a normal (gray) user access control dialog. If you are a local machine administrator, you will be able to accept this dialog and DBDocumentor will install. DBDocumentor has been tested and verified as fully functional on all versions of Windows Vista™.  If you experience any problems with DBDocumentor on Vista, please let us know.

Bug Fixes

Several bug fixes are included in this release.  All are listed in the readme, but the follow are the most significant.

Version 4.21 Changes

DBDocumentor version 4.21 is the first version of DBDocumentor to be digitally signed.  We taken the extra step of digitally signing our binaries to provide you, our potential and valued customers, with greater confidence that the applications you are downloading were produced by Pikauba Software.  If you find a version of DBDocumentor produced after October 1, 2006 without a digital signature, please contact us.  

Other than this significant change, this release is a bug fix release.  The full list of fixes are provided in the readme file, but here are some of the highlights.

Version 4.20 Changes

DBDocumentor version 4.20 contains a number of bug fixes, along with one very significant new feature. 

Version 4.10 Changes

DBDocumentor version 4.10 contains a significant number of bug fixes, and new functionality.  The new functionality and major bug fixes are listed below:

Version 4.00 Changes

DBDocumentor version 4.00 is a significant upgrade from the last public release, version 3.41.  The readme.txt file included with DBDocumentor 4.00 contains a list of all the changes made since version 3.41, including bug fixes.  Among the major changes are:

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