DBDocumentor XSD Schema Details, and Restrictions on Use


DBDocumentor 4 comes with an intermediate XML output format.  That format follows the SQLDocumentation schema located in the XSD folder off the product installation path, and this schema has been update for version 4 of DBDocumentor.  Within the limitations the restrictions on use detailed below, you are free to develop transformations based on the SQLDocumentation schema.  SQLDocumentation files completely describe the contents of your project, including the settings used to compile it, and the result of those settings. 

Note: SQLDocumentation files will not be generated in shareware mode.  To see an example SQLDocumentation file, please view the sample file, sample.chm.xml.

Schema Overview

The primary reference point for the schema should be the XSD file.  This overview will only present the top level elements of the file.  If you have any questions concerning the XSD, please contact support detailing your question.


The Types element encapsulates the various data types used in DBDocumentor.  Generally, whenever a type attribute is present on an element, the range and meaning of the type can be traced back to one of the types contained in the Types element.


All the project settings are encapsulated in the Settings element.  


The Index element provides a listing of all the objects making up the project in an alphabetically sorted list following the conventions of a document index.  


The toc element contains the table of contents, organized by chapter with the content sorted alphabetically.  Only the groups defined in the project XML file for which content is present will be output in the toc.


The Objects element contains all the SQL objects making up the project, organized by object type.

Restrictions on Schema Use

The SQLDocumentation schema is a copyrighted work and as such there are several restrictions on the use of the SQLDocumentation XML schema.  Please note that the intent of these restrictions is only to protect the copyright of the schema.  If you wish to develop against the schema, please do so, just obtain the proper license.  SQLDocumentation files are not intended to be final output files.

The restrictions are summarized here:


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