DBDocumentor Upgrade Options

DBDocumentor 4.20 is an upgrade to all previous versions of both DBDocumentor and SQLHelp.  After you install the upgrade, when you run the DBDocumentor GUI, you will be presented with an option to upgrade.

Note: If you are upgrading from a registered version of DBDocumentor prior to 4.00, the license keys you have will no longer work once you have upgraded.  Should you wish to revert to your previous version of DBDocumentor, you may need to re-enter the license keys you received when you purchased DBDocumentor.

Note: If you have a registered version of DBDocumentor prior to version 4.00 and are using the command line interface to DBDocumentor, the command line interface is disabled until an updated license key is entered.  The license key is entered from the GUI interface.

Pricing and other upgrade options are available by pressing the "Get Upgrade Code" button in the GUI of DBDocumentor 4.00 or higher.  DBDocumentor will then contact the Pikauba Software web site with your current key and the upgrade offers you are eligible for will be displayed.  If you were an active participant in the DBDocumentor 4.00 preview program, you will be offered your free upgrade keys at that time.  Please note that if you are eligible for free keys, you may only make one request for the free keys.


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