Volume, OEM and Bulk Licensing

Program Basics

Since the initial release of The Ultimate Debt Manager, there has been some serious interest in obtaining OEM, volume or other forms of bulk licenses.  From a sales perspective, this is of course fantastic news, but there is one technical problem anyone wishing such licenses needs to resolve.  That problem is the license file itself.  License generation is based on having a valid order with Pikauba Software, and then the user creating the license file using a unique Machine Code.  That code is unique to the computer The Ultimate Debt Manager is installed on.

Solving the Machine Code for Volume and Bulk Licensing

If you are looking at a volume license purchase, you will need to work with Pikauba Software to integrate your order flow into our backend systems.  The really good news here is that if you are using Paypal (as we are), then this is a fairly simple process wherein our order handling page is modified to accept Paypal order information from you.  You own the sales process, but license fulfillment is handled by us.  If the volume of licenses you're looking at obtaining is large, then in addition to negotiating the volume discount, we may need to address support costs.  If you wish volume pricing, it will be valuable for you to indicate in your request the volume under consideration.

Solving the Machine Code for OEM Licensing

If you are looking at an OEM license purchase, where OEM means you are selling The Ultimate Debt Manager as part of a larger solution, perhaps with it being rebranded under your brand, then you will need to enter into an OEM agreement.  A key component of that agreement will be the handling of both support issues and licensing.  Depending upon how you wish licensing to be handled, the integration effort can be simple or complex.  If you are considering an OEM license agreement, it will be valuable for you to describe both your ideal support arrangement, and your expectations for licensing.

Request OEM or Volume Licensing Information

Due to an alarming amount of email spam hitting the support email alias, all ongoing support is going to be handled either through support forums (coming soon), or via the following support form.  Due to the time of year, you will receive a response within two business days.


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