The Ultimate Debt Manager - 2009 Edition 

Simple Debt Management Software for Real People

Let's face it, unless you're part accountant, or were in a past life, managing money really isn't all that fun.  Having money, and having fun using money to do cool things is what we all really want to be doing.  With all the negative talk today about recessions, bail-outs, foreclosures and layoffs, even if you're in a stable financial situation, you've no doubt wondered if there isn't more you could be doing.  The Ultimate Debt Manager ™was developed specifically to help those who find money management difficult, boring or who really just don't want to spend hours on it.  Following it's simple recommendations, you'll know where to best use any excess cash you might have from your income.  Even if you have low, or heaven forbid no income, it'll offer some recommendations on what debts to payoff at what rate. 

How it all Started

Some number of years ago, I hit on a simple method to not only keep my debt from overwhelming me, but to also become more financially secure.  Since that time, I've told many of my methods.  Some no doubt have followed them, some perhaps not.  I've followed it to decent success.  I'll be presenting the plan in detail both here, and on the blog.  As with most things in life, you'll end up better off it you have a reason for doing what you're doing.  When the market crashed in September of 2008, it occurred to me that I was being selfish not sharing this knowledge with many more people than I'd done.  Armed with the knowledge and possessing the skills to write software, I started authoring The Ultimate Debt Manager.  The hope was to have it ready in a few weeks, but in the end working in some of the real world scenarios proved a bit more challenging than anticipated.  

Real World Scenarios

Projected analysis screen shot

When I started on this project I'd completely forgotten how many pitfalls there were when cash was tight, and I underestimated how long it would take to complete writing The Ultimate Debt Manager.  The devil is in the details as they say, and no truer words were spoken when it comes to the world of finances.  Thankfully, The Ultimate Debt Manager is there to take care of the details and only requires you to enter information you already know about your finances.  Some of the scenarios supported include:

Full Control Over Recommendations

In the real world, no two people really see eye to eye on money matters.  The Ultimate Debt Manager doesn't preach drastic expense reductions, advocate living like a hermit or starving yourself in an effort to save money.  It does show you where your income is going, and to what degree such that if you do find cutting expenses to be a good idea, you can quickly see where a cut will have the most impact.  The Ultimate Debt Manager also isn't going to recommend you spend every spare dime on debt reduction.  You can choose to prioritize debt repayment, or savings, or something in between.  Better still, you can see how your choice today will impact your financial future down the road.  After all, there is no point in going crazy on debt repayment if it means you have no cash in six months.  

Play Out Scenarios

With The Ultimate Debt Manager you have the ability to play out scenarios.  Some of the more powerful scenarios include:

The Promotion

Here's where things get really interesting.  The Ultimate Debt Manager isn't yet done, but it is "done enough" to release into the bright blue wilderness.  Waiting any longer really means that someone who might benefit from The Ultimate Debt Manager is left out .  Since it's not yet done, there really isn't a good reason to charge full price.  In fact the final price hasn't yet been decided, but once done there will be some really cool things available to go along with it.  So now the good part.  The intro price is $10.  Yes, ten dollars.  This isn't a subscription or anything, that's the price.  It also includes all upgrades which will be released at no additional charge.  If you want to give it try before you buy, please download the software and run it for 14 days.  Put your finances in and see what it says.  If something doesn't look right, please let us know.  It could be a bug, and we really want to get all those sorted out.  If you like it (or just want to encourage us), buy a copy.  Tell all your friends (maybe even some enemies), but please enjoy using it!


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