Ultimate Debt Manager 2010 Preview Program

A Free Update and a Free Preview

The Ultimate Debt Manager is getting ready to turn one year old, and it's time for an update.  The best part of this update is that it's free.  If you are one of the many users of The Ultimate Debt Manager, this update is completely 100% free for you.  Simply download it and install it and it's yours.  The one and only "catch" is that this version is a preview version and it may contain some bugs, but as a registered user, you're entitled to any and all updates for free, and this one is pretty big.  More on that later.

Obtaining the Preview for Existing Users

If you're an existing user, the preview download will be available from your account page.  Simply login using your order details and download the update for free.

  Free Preview for All Users

If you're new to The Ultimate Debt Manager, this preview edition is free for you as well.  As with all versions, there is a standard 14 day trial period, but if you find a good bug, I'll give you the license for free (as in zero cost).  The rules for getting the free license are very simple.

  1. The bug has to be significant.  Feature requests may also count, but it depends on what you come up with, and how reasonable it is to implement in this version.  Significant bugs include things as simple as typos, and go all the way up to "the math isn't right" or "it crashed".  It'll be pretty obvious if something is significant.
  2. You need to tell me exactly, in very detailed terms, how to create the bug.  If I can't reproduce it, then it's not all that likely it's going to be fixed.  Screenshots can go a long way here, but you might need to export a data file for me.  
  3. If you see something wrong in the math, I'm going to need a data file exported, and I'm going to need the day on which you saw the problem.  The Ultimate Debt Manager recomputes the results for each day, and if you make changes to the data, so if either of these things change you're bug might not be reproducible for me.  i.e., it may be that there is something very specific in the calculations which only break on that specific day.
  4. If you see a crash, I may need a data file, so it's best to export one just to be on the safe side.
  5. You need to confirm if the fix worked.  After all there's not much point in reporting a problem if aren't interested in having it fixed, right?

Registering for the Preview - New Users

If you're a new user, or have been using the trial version and wish to participate in the preview program; simply fill out this form and I'll add you to the list.  Please note that since this is a manual process, it might take a day or so.  Sorry, manual is the best way to prevent the spam buddies from taking over, but on the confirmation page you will be able to download the installation media.


Contact email:


Changes to The Ultimate Debt Manager

If you've tried a previous version of The Ultimate Debt Manager, you already know there are some pretty interesting ideas in there, but you also know that there are obvious areas where it could be better.  Some of you let me know, and for that I'm grateful.  Without further rambling, here are some of the improvements in this new version:


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