Your Privacy Matters

At Pikauba Software, the privacy of your information is serious business.  We have long standing policies on email communication, and data privacy.

Data Privacy

Our data privacy policy can be summed up quite simply:

  1. We don't directly handle your credit card information, nor do we even know what your credit card information is.  We have top tier payment processors such as Paypal and the Digital River family of companies to do all that work for us.
  2. We do know your address, but we only use that for regulatory compliance reasons (such as tax compliance).
  3. We don't sell your data to anyone.  We hate it when someone does that to us, so it would be silly to even think of doing it to you.

Since The Ultimate Debt Manager has access to potentially sensitive information about your financial situation, we took things to a higher level within that product.

  1. The Ultimate Debt Manager will only connect to the internet if you select an obvious menu item to do so (such as the 'On the web' and 'Check for Updates' options).  Even then, no user data is ever transferred -- period.
  2. All of your data is encrypted, and only you can open it.  Even other users of your computer can not open the data files.
  3. If you want to share your data with someone, then you must export it and define a password for the exported data file.  Without that password, the data file can not be opened, so you can choose who to share your data with.

Email Communication Policy

Our email communication policy can be summed up even quicker.

If you want to know about any updates to your products, then you must either come back to our site to find that out, hang out in one of the forums or blogs we post to, or subscribe to our RSS feed .

Contacting Pikauba Software

Due to an alarming amount of email spam hitting the support email alias, all ongoing support is going to be handled either through support forums (coming soon), or via the following support form.  As a general rule, you will receive a response within one business day.


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